Toolmate has a wide range of high quality tools, power tools and other products that are specially chosen for every day Do-it-Yourself projects.

All Toolmate products are constantly tested to ensure that they meet the high expectations of our customers.



Hand tools

The wide range of Toolmate hand tools ensures that you can always find the right tool for the job.



Power tools

Toolmate has a wide range of power tools to help with your Do-it-Yourself projects.



Power tool accessories
Toolmate has drills, saw blades, screw-bits, etc. for your power tools.




Tired of being tied to an extension cord? Then switch to a practical and powerful Toolmate cordless tool.



Li-ion power

Many Toolmate cordless tools are powered by Li-ion batteries that give more power for longer and can be partially charged without losing their output capacity - look for the Li-ion logo.



Tool boxes
Practical and durable storage for your tools are marked with the trademark Toolmate Workbox®.